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Precast concrete grease interceptors remove grease from the waste stream and bring the water to acceptable effluent standards before discharging it into a sanitary sewer system. Grease interceptors are easy to maintain and large enough to hold considerable amounts of grease. Located underground and outside the kitchen area, precast concrete grease interceptors help keep restaurants and other commercial kitchen areas sanitary by removing waste from the cooking area.

All precast grease interceptors produced by Bartow Precast are built to meet ASTM C 1613, Standard Specification for Precast Concrete Grease Interceptor Tanks. This standard requires the structure to satisfy AASHTO’s H-20 load rating and to be watertight. Since grease interceptors are almost always installed in commercial environments, they are frequently subject to traffic. When not placed in drive-thru’s or parking lots, they are subject to delivery trucks and pumping trucks, even in landscape areas. Adhering to AASHTO’s traffic rating requirements ensures proper design criteria, reinforcement and concrete strengths are met. When it comes to traffic rating, we dont just “say it,” – we stamp it!

Custom sizes and Build-To-Spec interceptors can be easily designed and produced. Bartow Precast remains involved with the National Precast Concrete Association’s Grease Interceptor Committee and the Georgia F.O.G. Alliance, in addition to the local regulatory community, as an effort to stay involved with current industry changes and issues so that we can provide the very best products possible.

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