surespec utility vaultsThe SureSpecTM name brings over five decades of experience in commercial plumbing and over 20 years in precast concrete to your job site. A product of Bartow Precast, the SureSpecTM connection to expertise and quality gives your project a leading edge in delivery, installation, and aesthetics. With this experience comes the pledge that all valves, meters, and back flow prevention devices are configured under the supervision of a Master Plumber and installed with precision care. All piping is then pressure tested to ensure against leaks.

A thorough understanding of water metering and backflow prevention provides the assurance that assemblies are done right the first time. 

The SureSpecTM dedication to quality carries with it an assurance that your vault will be ready to pass inspection by your job foreman, local inspectors, and most importantly, your customer.

No less than you expect. No more than you need to pay.

Research and Knowledge

Research: SureSpecTM has done the research, compiling a thorough registry of specifications for individual municipalities.

Knowledge: What makes SureSpecTM unique? Knowing the regulations, as well as thoroughly understanding the devices and how the process works. In addition, highly skilled operators deliver and place the vault in the excavation. This is why the SureSpecTM reputation is the best in the business.

Commitment to Contractors

Our SureSpecTM  team has made sure that contractors never need to “spec out” a vault. Your sales representative is aware of the appropriate governing municipality, so you don’t have to worry about which vault regulations to meet. That’s our job. With this information, we will determine the vault size, valve configurations, and assemblies. With a SureSpecTM  vault, simply excavate the job site based on our schematic, leaving sufficient space for your crew to connect the pipe and finish the job.

Emphasis on Engineering

SureSpecTM vaults are built to engineers’ specifications and all construction designs are engineer-certified and stamped. With engineering data and CAD drawings available, job submittals are simple.

In addition, a growing number of engineers are familiar with SureSpecTM quality. Consequently, your project approval process just got a lot simpler. 

Local Delivery

SureSpecTM vault delivery is prompt, convenient and simple. Should your project require oversized vaults, SureSpecTM contracts outside crane services to perform these jobs safely and efficiently. A SureSpecTM representative always remains on site to facilitate setting of the vault. It’s totally our responsibility from delivery to set.

Our drivers and operators have years of experience with knuckle-boom cranes, a major safety factor for even the most challenging job sites.

Guarantee: The proof is in the brand. Customer satisfaction is high because we demand the best, from materials to casting; to equipment and operators; to knowledge of the overall process.

Out of State Shipping

SureSpecTM Vaults are available through many Underground Utility suppliers. Ask your Underground Utilities supplier or call us to locate a distributor near you. Vaults are built and outfitted, then shipped via common carrier to your site. The contractor or site manager will arrange unloading and setting once on the job.