Bartow Precast is a full-service precast concrete company. We provide pre-sale quotations, deliver quality products, and provide a high level of account service after the sale. We are respected in our industry and work well with our competitors if your needs are outside of our product line. We have a high rate of customer retention and go great lengths to meet individual needs. Please see our product categories below.

Browse Our Precast Concrete Product Line

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Grease Interceptors

All precast grease interceptors produced by Bartow Precast are built to engineer’s specifications to meet AASHTO’s H-20 load rating and are backed by superior service. In addition, our structures meet ASTM C1613, Standard Specification for precast concrete grease interceptor tanks.

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Utility Vaults

We have positioned ourselves to meet the needs of the water meter industry and we provide superior products to customers who appreciate quality and service. We stock several water meter vaults and risers for jobs that require immediate delivery.

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Oil Water Separators

The durability of precast concrete and controlled production standards makes concrete ideal for manufacturing oil water separators. Couple that with Bartow Precast's commitment to quality and service and you can't go wrong.

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SureSpec Vaults

The SureSpec name brings over five decades of experience in commercial plumbing and over 20 years in precast concrete to your job site. A product of Bartow Precast, SureSpec's connection to expertise and quality gives your project a leading edge in delivery, installation, and aesthetics.