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Precast utility vaults provide the construction industry with a highly customized, yet readily available solution to protect underground utilities, such as water meters, back flow prevention devices, electrical components, and other specialty devices.

Precast utility vaults are a perfect example of value-added engineering, particularly when utility equipment and accessories are preinstalled, saving a considerable amount of time and money for contractors and project managers. Bartow Precast manufactures utility vaults that meet most every local specification.

surespec utility vaultsIn addition to doghouse-type vaults that can be installed over existing devices, a line of preassembled vaults, outfitted with water meters, back flow prevention devices and or valves is marketed under the trade name, SureSpecTM. These products are sold through supply houses across the southeast. See our SureSpecTM Page or contact us today to find a supplier.


Our delivery trucks and articulating cranes are some of the most capable in the industry. When coupled with our experienced operators, setting our product is simple. When structure size and weight or extenuating job conditions exceed the capacity of our fleet, we contract with local crane services to perform these jobs safely and efficiently. We’re there to get the job done – every time!

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