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Structurally sound and watertight when manufactured to industry quality standards, precast concrete on-site wastewater systems outperform and outlast systems comprised of other materials. Quality precast tanks are designed to withstand loads that other materials cannot bear, and a routinely serviced tank will provide many decades of trouble-free service. Whether for residential projects or commercial construction, precast concrete is the material of choice for on-site wastewater treatment systems.

Our septic tank designs are state approved and built to meet ASTM C 1227. We adhere to the National Precast Concrete Association’s Plant Certification program and follow the association’s On-site Wastewater Tanks Best Practices Manual. We maintain a stock of tanks for most residential applications and can schedule delivery or shipping with minimal notice. Large capacity tanks, such as 2,000 gallon or larger can be built to order based on our state approved designs and delivered and set by our boom trucks or truck-mounted articulating cranes. In addition, we produce a large line of replacement products, such as sectional lids to fit older-style septic tanks, lids equipped with PVC clean-outs for retro-fits and system update, and grade rings for easier access to existing systems.


Bartow Precast Setting Trucks are equipped with hydraulic swinging booms. This innovation allows more flexibility on difficult job sites. Large commercial tanks are delivered and set by our truck-mounted articulating cranes, or contracted stiff-boom cranes when necessary. For installers who wish to maximize efficiency by accepting deliveries of multiple tanks, we deliver via tractor/trailer to your job site or stockyard. Whatever the method, our experienced team of driver/operators will assure safe and timely deliveries.

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